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How to Link to a Certain Part of the Same Webpage | Jump Links

I have an idea for a tech blog! How about I not make you read for 5 minutes about what you you’re trying to do, and just get right to the nitty gritty?

THE NITTY: (The Link)

Copy and paste this into your HTML or Text editor where you want the link to be on the page:
<a href=”#TYPE_YOUR_TARGET_NAME_HERE”>Click here to see the content below.</a>

THE GRITTY: (The Target)

Copy and paste this at your link destination (called an anchor, or target):
<a id=”TYPE_YOUR_TARGET_NAME_HERE”>This is the content I want to link to.</a>

Or, if you want to jump to a spot on the page with no text:


Change the target name and the wording  to whatever is appropriate!


Click here to read about this photo.

This uncharacteristically beautiful photo of Angela Angelovic was taken in 2012 by the exceptionally talented Ryan Manthey of Pure 7 Studios.

I used it as my business photo for as long as I could get away with it. But I never wanted to be one of those people where you see their business photo, then you meet them in person and think, “Oh my gosh, is she using a photo from fifteen years ago?”

I kind of think there should be a law against having a profile photo taken over 2 years ago. Otherwise, it’s false advertising. What do you think?

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