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Van Life Wannabe 34 | I See Van People

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I’m meeting up with some “Van People” who are attending the Van Build Fest 2019 in Parker Arizona.

Looking forward to experiencing a taste of “Van Life” community.

Make a sink like Debbie’s:

6 gallon water tanks:

Marine pump:

1/2 inch nylon braided tubing:

9 in. bar faucet:

Wide and shallow stainless sink bowl:

bar drain:

Flexible tailpipe:

Jackery portable power station:

USB chargeable magnetic LED lights:

What is “Van Build?” From the Van Build Fest 2019 Facebook page:

“Jamie’s Van Build is an event where those who need help get it, those who can help give it, and we all have a great time !!! It’s a 2 week event where we build, help others build and hang out. The event is set up to help those in need, yet also a great way to hang out with other nomads. It all started when Jamie himself needed a helping hand, and he wanted a way to “pay it forward.”

People I camped with:

RVrebel Girl:

Debbz VanVenture:

People I met:

Van Life Sheldon’s Travels:

Debra Dickinson:

Ramblin Tam:

Enigmatic Nomadics:

That was a really cool experience. I’m so glad I did that. Thank you for your hospitality Carolyn!

It’s so nice to have someone be so welcoming.

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