You had a dream.  A handmade product.  Or a service you love to provide.  You figured it would make the perfect business.  And it’s working! People are actually paying you to do something you’re excited about.

So what’s the problem?

Instead of spending your time:

crafting your product
face to face with your clients
honing your skills
promoting your service
(doing what you love)

…you’re now trying to handle a deluge of customer information. How can you keep track of orders and invoices and which customer needs what? You feel a slight panic when the phone rings because you don’t have clear processes and systems in place. You spend more time with your nose in spreadsheets than face to face with your loved ones.

This wasn’t your dream!

Let me help you.

Helping you improve your current business processes and systems, and tackling that ever-growing pile of tasks for you is MY dream come true.

Imagine having systems in place that require fewer steps than what you’re currently doing.

Imagine that your website message is so clear, people don’t have to call to ask questions, but know just where to click to order your product, or to give you the information you need to contact them.

Imagine having a virtual assistant take care of technological stuff so you can get off the computer.

Instead, you can live your dream, and spend more time doing what you love, and with the people you love.

Call me today to see how I can help take your successful business to the next level.

What I do:

In a nutshell, I’m the computer/techie person for the non-computer person. My clients are great business people. They’ve got better things to do than keeping their nose in a computer. Not only do I take care of some of the technical stuff and that growing “to-do” list they’re dreading, I find ways to automate their current systems if possible, so we can all spend more time on our beach cruisers. (Or whatever it is that you love to do!)

Here’s a detailed list of things I’ve done for others, and can do for you:


  • WordPress & Shopify website creation and development
  • Editing of your current site
  • Change colors, fonts, artwork, logos
  • correct text and alignment problems
  • update blog using your facebook/instagram posts
  • website analysis, suggestions for improvement

Online forms/contracts to match your brand/website

  • Creation of Online Wholesale or Direct to Consumer order forms with automatic order confirmation
  • Create online intake forms, surveys, quizzes
  • Online service agreements/contracts that generate immediate copies to both parties


  • Create multimedia presentations for sales, training, or other purposes
  • GoAnimate/Vyond sequences (online animation software program) sample
  • Video Editing
  • Graphics Editing
  • Branded GIF created for Instagram stickers
  • Product photography & manipulation


  • Social media account setup and management
  • Mailchimp and Constant Contact newsletter campaigns
  • Create and schedule online and print advertising

Retail sales/online stores

  • Receive and implement PO’s via EDI or email from national retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Michaels, Nordstrom, American Greetings, Hallmark, Personal Creations and Learning Express
  • Liaison between seller and fulfillment center
  • Amazon seller account setup and listings, including Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Online invoicing
  • Setup of Squareup or SquareSpace stores

Processes and Systems

  • Listen to or observe your current processes. Suggest and implement improvements to reduce wasteful steps
  • Determine whether new systems need to be implemented, and creation of those systems
  • Analyze customer/vendor experience

Miscellaneous projects

  • Liaison between your company and fulfillment centers
  • Registered Trademark applications
  • Logo design
  • Organize and archive past customer information for retention and tracking purposes
  • Rewrite company refund and exchange policies
  • Research

Contact angela.angelovic@gmail.com for rates. Maximum number of hours per week set by you.
Billable twice per month. Either of us may cancel contract at any time.