Van Life Wannabe

Van Life Wannabe 31 | I Like to Kick, Stretch and Kick

Bit at Brazoria Beach.

Everything’s ___________ in Texas.

I feel like I’m starting from scratch exercising.

Good beach camping experience.

Can’t stop thinking about those hiking pants I want.

Trip to Bass Pro Shop.

Yoga at the Navarro Rest Stop. Texas knows how to do rest stops.

#1. I am loving my pants!

#2. I brought way too many soy nuts.

Don’t call it a hot flash.

Spoiled in Dallas.

Artwork at 5:25: Giant bird painting by

Stranded on the side of the road.

Music at 6:00: The Lakes of Pontchartrain (Public domain) performed by Alan and Phil. Used with permission.

Margaret is my hero!

Ford Dealership in Dallas quote to fix parking brake: over $800.

Schmidty’s Garage in Huntington Beach, CA fixed it for less than $200.

A 53 year old van life wannabe decides to try an 8 week coast to coast trip alone in her van. Will she like it? What will she learn? Subscribe and see!

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