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Van Life Wannabe 35 | Hippie Hole – Kitty Litter Showdown

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Headed to Hippie Hole, the place I had wanted to stay on the very first night of my trip.

If I’m going to be at Hippie Hole, I might as well look like a hippie.

But first, window coverings.

Trying to spruce the place up. I picked up 84 cigarette butts in just 10 minutes.

Cheap and easy van curtain for a passenger van:

Black sheet:

Sew on a Velcro strip:

Kitty Litter Showdown:

Feline Fresh: / Feline Pine:


kitty diggin’s:

Peeing and pooping in a van. Sorry I have to talk about it again!

A 53 year old van life wannabe decides to try an 8 week coast to coast trip alone in her van. Will she like it? What will she learn? Subscribe and see!

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