Do you have a friend you call when you can’t get your computer to work right?

You know the one. The one who has figured out their iPhone. The one who can tell you how to back up your photos for free online. The one who suggests that you manage your budget with an app.

I’m that guy. But I’m a girl.

My sister said I should call myself: Angela Angelovic/ Jill of all trades. She’s not far off.

I’ve spent my life trying to figure out the most efficient, simplest, and least expensive way to do things.

I specialize in assisting small businesses owners who are suddenly successful, and who may be overwhelmed with a deluge of customers, orders, invoices, and client data.

When it comes to your business, I can help you make it more efficient and simpler to run, without you spending lots of money on expensive software and systems.

You can give me that list of projects that seems to be never ending. I’ll tackle that list while also analyzing your business practices to see where steps are wasted and efficiency can be improved.

I will help you take your businesses to the next level while retaining profitability and reducing the time required for you to manage it.

Contact me today at angela.angelovic@gmail.com.
It doesn’t matter if you’re in San Diego, California or Searsport, Maine. I can help.