Van Life Wannabe

Van Life Wannabe 23 | Feet in the Atlantic / It’s a Beach Girl

Today is the day I put my feet in the Atlantic, 37 days after leaving the Pacific.
(Feet in the Pacific episode:

I did it!

I was afraid of so much, but I’m okay.

I wouldn’t have traded this adventure for the world.

Don’t wait.

I’m a beach girl.

I am so freaking excited! I get to camp on the beach!

Peter’s Point Beachfront Park, Amelia Island, FL.

This is my dream.

This is my worst nightmare.

Stuck once.

Stuck twice.

Total humiliation and embarrassment.

A 53 year old van life wannabe decides to try a 4-8 week coast to coast trip alone in her van. Will she like it? What will she learn? Subscribe and see!

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