Van Life Wannabe

Van Life Wannabe 17 | I’m a New Woman

How to make a portable shower.

Pump sprayer similar to mine:
Kitchen replacement side sprayer:
Brass Fitting may be needed, depending on your sprayer:

Mom makes some friends.

My favorite part of van life: nature.

Mom tries yoga.

A walk in the woods.

Hiking pants would be good.

My shower works great.

Command Hook on plastic?

I can check the Ozark National Forest off my bucket list.

Petit Jean State Park, Conway County Arkansas.

Cleanest camping bathrooms I’ve ever encountered.

Sardines for breakfast.

Good for your bones.

Mom is a new woman!

We’re getting used to this van life.

On to Tennessee!

Don’t tell people you’re coming or they’ll keep asking, “When are you going to be here?”

A 53 year old van life wannabe decides to try a 4-8 week coast to coast trip alone in her van. Will she like it? What will she learn? Subscribe and see!

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