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Blame it on the (Rubbing) Alcohol | Why I’m Writing a Blog

It all started with a cryptic text from my mother to her 3 daughters.

“Girls, I’m sharing this with you because I love you.”

Then nothing.

Was she about to bless us with some unsolicited parenting advice?

Were my parents divorcing after over 50 years together?

Had my mom’s breast cancer returned?

Finally, the context to her message arrived:

It was a link to an article about using rubbing alcohol for deodorant.

*face palm*

“That’s cool. I’ll try it. By the way, I’ve made my own laundry detergent.”

“What?” my sister April responded.

“And I wear the same outfit all week. I have one bowl and one cup. And I bake my own bread.  And I don’t use a bath towel or dryer sheets anymore.”

I continued sharing other weird cool things I do.

“How did I not know all this? You should write a blog!

I’ve heard that before when I’ve shared simplification/ organizational/ decluttering tips, frugal hacks, investment/budgeting help, health advice, my van “customizations,” and more.


But I CAN’T write a blog. Here are all the reasons why:

I’m not a writer.

People will smirk/roll their eyes.

I’ll be judged.

Internet trolls will criticize me.

My mom won’t like it if I have to accidentally say a curse word.

I’m not an “expert” or guru.

People might not like me.

I’m a woman of few words. What would I even say?

It would probably be a waste of time.

Liberals will think I’m a right wing fundamentalist and conservatives will think I’m a left wing radical.

I’m scared.

Blah, blah, blah.


Here is the reason I’m going to write a blog anyway:

I’ve always wanted to.

And I’m doing things that scare me now.

I’m going to stop talking about doing stuff and start taking action.

I’m giving myself the freedom to fail miserably! I’d rather be at the end my life having failed at 99 things than never have tried anything!



All the professional bloggers say, “Choose your niche.”

That’s a problem for me right now. I have too many ideas floating around in my head.

So for now, I’m going to throw all kinds of spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.


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